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EXCLUSIVE: Shubhankar has helped us realise that dreams do come true, says proud father Col Mohan Sharma

Posted by Admin 26 Sep 2018

He’s always brewing a storm! Time and again India’s Golf star Shubhankar Sharma has proved that he is indeed an ‘Arjuna’ on the greens, who has his eyes set on his goals. The recognition, however, came on Tuesday when the dexterous Golfer was conferred the prestigious Arjuna Award by President Ram Nath Kovind at the Rashtrapati Bhawan.



Col Mohan Sharma with Shubhankar Sharma and family



                                                         Shubhankar Sharma with his family 



In an exclusive brief interaction with, proud father Col Mohan Sharma enthused, “Being a father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride and inspiration. It’s an extremely proud and humbling moment for the whole family! Dreams do come true and Shubhankar has helped us realize the same.”




‘It’s the heart that makes us fathers and sons’




Shubhankar with father



He is young and has a lot of tests and trials to go through, but thankfully, Shubhankar has a father to steer the youthful Golf talent through challenging times. Not many know but Col Sharma took an early retirement in 2012 to get access to the golf courses across the country and help son Shubhankar make the best out of them.



He said, “It is not flesh and blood but the heart and that special connect which makes us fathers and sons. We never felt that we’re different from each other.  Yes, I have been with my son all the time throughout, but it’s definitely not one-sided. Our children Shubhankar and Vandini make us complete and I am happy that as a family we put o in our best to seize the moments together whenever we can.” 



Shubhankar has definitely found that new-found fame but it hasn’t deterred him to maintain humility. And Daddy Sharma is extremely proud about the same. Col Sharma goes on to add, “My dear son, I wish you the mettle to take on challenges with poise and I know you can do it.”




Things you wouldn’t have known about Shubankar




Shubhankar Sharma




First club: A two-iron?


For most golfers, the first club they receive is a putter or a wedge. Not Shubhankar Sharma. His father got him a cut-down two-iron. That was his first club.



Made waves in the junior Golf circuit too


Before garnering headlines as a magnificent Professional Golfer, Sharma had a stellar junior career. Prior to turning professional in 2013, Sharma won the All India Amateur Championship at the age of just 16.



Head over heels with soccer too


Not many know but Sharma is an ardent avid football fan, particularly when it comes to Manchester United. He tries to watch as much as he can when he is on the road.




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