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Golf, which I can play day and night, has helped me become a better actor: R Madhavan

Posted by Admin 25 Oct 2017

In an EXCLUSIVE tête-à-tête with, versatile actor R Madhavan speaks about his obsession with Golf, on making Golf accessible in India and more. While others of his ilk confined their passion to the gloss and glamour of Bollywood, the 47-year-old actor kept himself busy scripting hatke success stories in the form of Golf.



By Priyanka Sen Sarkar



Exclusive interview R Madhavan on Golf



With his disarmingly natural portrayals onscreen, the versatile actor has mastered the art of leaving an indelible glittering trail in the sands of time. From playing the naïve Maddy in Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein to the flamboyant Flight lieutenant Ajay Rathod in Rang De Basanti; from flexing his muscles in Saala Khadoos to playing the endearing role of Farhan Qureshi in 3 Idiots, Bollywood actor R Madhavan has never ceased to wow the audience with his endearing roles and characters.


And if you thought it was just the lure of arc lights that was hard to resist for Madhavan, think again. Madhavan, who refused to get trapped just in Bollywood potboilers, was equally enamoured with Golf.


While others of his ilk confined their passion to the gloss and glamour of Bollywood, the 47-year-old actor kept himself busy scripting hatke success stories in the form of Golf. That explains why the actor, who’s also an ardent Golfer, went on to win the longest drive award for Pro-AM Golf at Oxford Masters in Pune in 2015. The event saw the participation of the top pro and amateur Golfers of the country.



‘I can play Golf anywhere, anytime’



Exclusive interview with R Madhavan on Golf



In this starry-eyed nation, the enormous power wielded by Bollywood stars is irrefutable. Despite a career that calls for a chaotic work schedule, what inspired Madhavan to take up Golf? “My job as an actor involves interacting with a lot of people and focussing on them on a daily basis. The major challenge was to cut through the noise and develop the ability to focus amidst a lot of chaos. Golf has helped me to do that. I immediately fell in love with the game when I took it up 13 years ago in Chennai. Now, Golf has become an obsession and I can play the game day and night, anytime and anywhere.  Moreover, I consider it as an escape from films,” enthuses Madhavan.


So, if he was not an actor, had he considered Golf as a serious career option? “No, I don’t think so. I don’t have the bent of mind to take it up as a professional. The game demands a firmness of mind, a razor-sharp focus, and a lot of dedication to constantly better your game. It requires a lot of determination, grit and years of ability to think and behave in a particular way,” shares the amazing actor.



‘Golf has helped me become a better actor’



Exclusive interview R Madhavan on Golf with


The versatile actor believes that there are similarities between Golf and acting. When it comes to Golf or making your presence felt on the big screen, you’re on your own.


You cannot pass the buck if things go wrong. Madhavan confesses candidly that Golf has played a momentous role in helping him become a better actor. “When I am golfing, I am meeting non-filmi people. So I get a different kind of perspective and inputs into a lot of things including my acting skills. Even a quiet walk on the serene and lush-green golf courses helps me to introspect into my strength and weaknesses. Over the years, Golf has instilled a lot of discipline within me and allowed me to become more comfortable in my own skin. In a nutshell, it has strengthened my acting prowess,” shares Madhavan.



‘My handicap was around 6 at one point in my life’



R Madhavan with Jeev Milkha Singh


                                           Madhavan with India's ace Golfer Jeev Milkha Singh



Quiz the ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ actor on his Golfing accomplishments and he is quick to reply, “I don’t consider myself as a pro of the game. I play competitively. But yes, I have learnt the finer nuances of the game. I did enrol in David Leadbetter Golf Academy in the United States to have a better understanding of the game. It might sound unbelievable but my handicap was around 6 at one point of time in my life. Now, it’s 14 though. I just love the game. My biggest achievement was winning the Pro-Am event in Dubai where I was paired with Jeev Milkha Singh in Dubai. It was an indeed a great experience.”



On a dedicated Bollywood flick on Golf



Exclusive Interview Madhavan on



In an age where Bollywood flicks are spinning stories of frothy romance and action-driven vendetta, movies based on sports are proving to be a major hit among the sports-loving audience.


The actor says a dedicated Bollywood movie on Golf can help promote the sport in a big way. “In India, if you need to endorse a particular sport, there’s nothing better than promoting it through a movie. We have seen a lot of Bollywood flicks that have helped promote a specific game in our country. The same goes for Golf. The movie has to have a soul of an Indian. I am waiting for someone to come up with a script and I would love to be a part of it,” says Madhavan.



On making Golf accessible in India



Exclusive interview of Madhavan



The elite sport has transcended the confines of class and age in India and has come to the young and prospective people, thus giving them an opportunity to take their passion to the next level.


However, Madhavan feels a lot needs to be done to make the sport more accessible in India. “Lack of accessibility has probably kept aspiring Golf enthusiasts away from the game. I understand there’s constraint of space but we need to strike a balance quickly now. It’s good that many real estate builders are coming up with golf courses, thereby opening the doors of Golf to a lot of buffs. And this has to happen in a bigger and a faster way. Secondly, Golf accessories and the game as a whole need to become cheaper so that the sport becomes more affordable. I think a lot of effort is being taken in that direction too. Focussing on these 2-3 measures will definitely work in favour of promoting Golf in India,” adds the actor candidly.



‘I feel lucky when I am able to warm up at the Golf course’


Usually, players carry their good luck charm to important matches. Does he? “I cannot call it my good luck charm but I definitely feel lucky when I am able to warm up properly before the game on the Golf course. Most of the time I am hurrying to go at the starting line or stuck in the traffic. I try to leave early and calm down before the game starts,” says Madhavan.




‘Everyone in my family plays Golf’ 




R madhavan with wife and son


                                                          Madhavan with wife Sarita and son Vedant


The versatile actor comes up with an interesting revelation before he signs off. “Everyone in my family, including my wife Sarita and son Vedant plays Golf. For all of us, an ideal holiday means travelling and teeing off, wherever we can. I hope Vedant takes up Golf professionally when he grows up,” shares Madhavan. 



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