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“I’m embarrassed that I didn’t pay attention to the details”, says suspended Golfer Brad Fritsch

Posted by Admin 09 Jan 2018

A Facebook post of Canadian Golfer Brad Fritsch has been going viral now. The 40-year-old Golfer has generated a lot of buzz for being suspended by the PGA for violating anti-doping policy.  



Brad Fritsch suspended for anti-doping policy


                          Canadian Golfer Brad Fritsch self-reported the information on the use of banned supplements 



The PGA TOUR announced today that Brad Fritsch has violated the PGA TOUR Anti-Doping Policy's ban on the use of performance-enhancing substances and has been suspended for three months. Interestingly, the 40-year-old Canadian Golfer self-reported this information after discovering that an ingredient in a supplement that he was taking was on the prohibited list.


In a Facebook post, he has acknowledged his unintentional error and accepted his suspension. He said he couldn’t believe that he hadn’t checked all of the supplements against the Anti-Doping list.



What the Facebook post said



Brad Fritsch


                                                    Fritsch's best finish was T-2 at the 2012 Mylan Classic


His Facebook post said, “I am just so upset with myself that I didn’t think to question what was in the supplements. I immediately sent a text to Andy Levinson, head of the Tour’s Anti-Doping program. And in the program rules, it stipulates that a self-report is the same as a positive test. I did know this when I sent the text to Andy Levinson - like I said above, I believe in the program. I’m a proud member of the PGA Tour and I don’t take that lightly. If there is any silver lining, it’s that I thankfully never played a competitive round during all of this. I don’t feel great about this situation, but I’ve had over a month to kind of process my feelings about it. I’m in a good place (and I’ve lost 28 pounds, so I’ve got that going for me). I’m not sure I’d feel exactly the same way if I had competed against my peers while using a banned substance, even if it was out of ignorance.”


The post further added, “I just wish I had paid attention to the details. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t pay attention to the details.”


For the uninitiated, Fritsch made 18 cuts in 24 events in 2013, finishing 142nd on the money list and missing the FedEx Cup playoffs by four places (ranked 129th). His best finish was T-2 at the 2012 Mylan Classic.



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