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Shorter-flying Golf balls in the offing for professional Golfers?

Posted by Admin 21 Nov 2017

The debate on the Golf ball just got fiercer. A few days back Tiger Woods reignited a heated debate after he called for a shorter-flying Golf ball.


Tiger Woods had said Golf balls need to be made shorter, otherwise tournament courses will be forced to extend to 8,000 yards, or longer.


Tiger Woods on shorter-flying Golf balls


                                                Tiger Woods had said rolling back the golf ball would help 


“Something has to be done about the golf ball,” Woods said during a recent podcast. Woods doesn’t think rolling back the golf ball would be a problem and added many pros are with him on this issue.


Now, even 2006 US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy believes a ball change is coming to reduce the distance tour golf's long bombers can hit.


And it appears tour pros may end up playing a different ball from club golfers. Ogilvy, the, believes momentum of influential opinion for change has been building toward a critical mass.


"It seems like it is going to happen just purely so we don't have to change each (tour course)," said Ogilvy ahead of this week's Australian Open.


Geoff Ogilvy on shorter flying golf balls


                           Ogilvy believes a ball change is coming to reduce the distance tour golf's long bombers can hit



"In my career we've gone from 300 yards is a massive hit to 300 yards is a short hitter on the tour now. It's changed the way we play the great courses and that's a crime. It isn't really that the ball goes 400, it's that the ball going 400 doesn't make Augusta (National) work properly ... it just functions completely wrong, all the bunkers are wrong."


Ogilvy believed continually lengthening courses was a flawed strategy.


Even Jack Nicklaus had shared his views on banking on shorter-flying Golf balls. “I think we need to develop a golf ball to suit the golf course, rather than build courses to suit a golf ball. Whether it’s a ball that goes 50 percent, 75 percent or 100 percent, you play a ball that fits the course and your game," he had said. 


What's your view on this? 

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