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Throwback Thursday: This Week in the History of Golf

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Posted by Admin 23 Nov 2017

It’s Throwback Thursday and we bring you an interesting compilation of the significant moments that took place in this week in the history of Golf.



November 22, 1936


American Pro Golfer Denny Shute reigns supreme at the 19th PGA Championship



Denny Shute wins 19th PGA Championship


                                American pro Golfer Denny Shute was known for his quiet demeanour 



American pro Golfer Denny Shute, a Hall-of-Famer, a 3-time major champion, won Pinehurst No. 2’s first foray into major championship golf in the 1936 PGA Championship.


For the uninitiated, Denny Shute was an incredible golfer who was known for his low-key demeanour and powerful swing. Decades before Tiger Woods won back-to-back championships, he had set new standards of excellence in Golf.


Interesting snippet


He was known as “The Human Icicle,” a man so reticent and demure in the public eye that he sometimes had his wife Hettie accept a trophy and pay-check on his behalf. Now that’s interesting!


Denny Shute won the first of his consecutive PGA Championships, defeating Jimmy Thomson 3 & 2 on the No. 2 Course.  It was Shute’s second major title; his first was at the British Open in 1933 at St. Andrews. He previously made the finals at the PGA Championship in 1931.



November 21, 1966



Arnold Palmer outflanks Gardner Dickinson to win PGA’s Houston Champions International in Texas



Arnold Palmer this day in history


                                                      Arnold Palmer took international Golf to new heights 


7 majors. 62 PGA Tour wins. Even after his death the legacy of the great American professional golfer lives on! Ushering in the modern era of televised golf, he was the the first golfer to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


On this day, Palmer outflanked Gardner Dickinson to win the Houston Champions International held in Texas.  Palmer won the 21,000 dollars first prize by sinking a 12-foot birdie putt on the final hole to overtake Dickinson.


Gardner Dickinson was one of the founders of the Senior PGA Tour


                                    Gardner Dickinson was one of the founders of the Senior PGA Tour


The championship raised Arnold’s 1966 earnings to 110,467 dollars.  This was Palmer’s third win of 1966 which was a nice limelight to what 1958-1964 brought him.



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