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Why Hua Hin in Thailand can be the ultimate choice for a Golf Holiday right now

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Posted by Admin 14 Jun 2018

Looking for the ultimate luxury escape that has the perfect mix of Golf, beach and fun? A trip to Hua Hin, the unexplored and hidden gem of Thailand, can be the ultimate choice for a beach and Golf Getaway. Hua Hin doesn’t really show up on most travel bucket lists because of its uncharted terrains, but therein lies most of its allure. Just a three-hour drive from Bangkok, the stupendous seaside retreat, at an age of advanced technology, has retained its exotic charm.



hua hin for golf holiday



Still puzzled why it is increasingly becoming a preferred Golf holiday destination in Thailand? Here are some of the reasons why Hua Hin makes a great Golf holiday spot?




Play at the best-quality Golf courses



Considered as one of the best Golfing locations in Thailand, Hua Hin is home to several amazing and best-quality golf courses. Armed with a great weather throughout the year, you will get to enjoy a perfect amalgamation of nature, luxury and exclusivity.



Banyan Golf club Hua Hin



Enjoy teeing off at the Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin, Thailand that offers golfers a premium quality golf experience and clubhouse facilities to be enjoyed by every player and visitor.



The awe-inspiring sunset views of the Burmese mountains from the clubhouse jazzes up the overall experience of playing Golf.



You can also take delight in the Lake View Resort Golf Club that creates an unforgettable experience for low handicappers and amateur golfers. A perfect one-shop-stop golf destination in Hua-Hin, the Golf club is a Golfer's paradise.



LakeView golf Cub Hua Hin




Lake View provides golfers with a variety of choices to experience the adventuring mountain type, the difficult lake course, the challenging desert land and the rare link style, designed by Roger Packard and Ronald Feam.




Soak in the pleasure of Thailand’s longest water slide



Golf holiday Hua Hin Thailand



If you thought Hua Hin is all about golf courses and stunning landscapes, think again! The jungle-themed Vana Nava Water Park is sure to enthral you.  Home to ‘Boomerango’, Thailand’s longest water slide, this water park does set a lot of other world records too.



And if you’re not looking for adventure-packed theme park rides, you can spend your time unhurriedly at Asia’s tallest man-made waterfall, the Vana Nava Falls. A lot of exhilaration awaits you at the Vana Nava Water Park, where unrestrained adrenaline is just a step away!




Vouch for a supremely indulgent stay



Holiday Inn Hua hin golf holiday



Indulge in a luxurious hotel experience and royal treatment at the enviable line-up of 5-star hotels at Hua Hin. Topping the charts of luxurious hotels is Holiday Inn Resort Vana Nava, which is connected to the Vana Nava water-jungle with many exciting rides.



With panoramic views of the ocean, Holiday Inn Resort Vana Nava Hua Hin. is the first Holiday Inn water park resort in Asia, located in the popular seaside getaway of Hua Hin. The resort is connected to Vana Nava Hua Hin, one-of-a-kind water jungle with many exciting rides and slides. With 300 rooms and suites in a bold and modern design, the resort is set to be one of the best family leisure destination resorts in the region.





Enjoy the sandy beaches and uber-cool cafes



Hua Hin beaches



No trip to Hua Hin would be complete without enjoying its crystalline waters with beautiful shades of blue, swaying palm trees, and sparkling white sand under the limitless blue skies.


And it’s not just the beaches that make you go crazy, the enviable line-up of uber-cool cafes surely is a delight for the gourmets.


Are you looking for the ultimate golf break to Hua Hin this July? An exquisite 5-day luxury Golf holiday event awaits you at Hua Hin. Come be a part of Golf Getaway 2018 that kicks off from July 5th and promises you an outstanding weekend of golf, beach and fun.


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