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11-year-old Shubham wins Jr. World Championship at -18

Posted by Admin 08 Aug 2016


August 8th 2016: Shubham Jaglan of India shot an -18 total at the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship 2016 being held at Pinehurst, U.S.A. to win with a 11-shot margin over the field in Boys 11-Years Age group. Jaglan, who also won the 2015 European Championship, carded an impressive -9 in round two and a bogey-free -4 final round to seal victory.

Shubham Jaglan (IND) making waves at the age of 7-years-old
The son of a milkman from rural Haryana, Shubham was taken under the wings of The Golf Foundation pioneered by Arjuna Awardee and Asian Games Gold Medalist, Amit Luthra. The Golf Foundation saw his potential and gave him unconditional support and he is reasserting their faith with his Global domination.

The U.S. Kids Golf World Championship held from 4th to 6th August 2016 is considered the pinnacle event for juniors aged 5-12. Now in its 17th year, over 1500 players from over 50 countries contested to become the world's best.

With Mr. Amit Luthra - Founder & CEO, The Golf Foundation
The Golf Foundation, being a charitable organization, depends solely on donations. Donations of all kinds – cash, golf equipment, clothing – are accepted. All donations get Section 80G benefit under the Income Tax Act, and the Foundation also has FCRA clearance.

Most importantly, all companies now have to earmark 2% of net profits mandatorily towards Corporate Social Responsibility and donations to the Golf Foundation are covered under this.

The Golf Foundation’s Activities Include:-
Providing the Juniors with state of art modern golf equipment, specialized coaching and other technical inputs from experts
Financial assistance to play various domestic and international golf tournaments
Provision of monthly stipend to look after their daily needs
Foster job placements – help them towards financial stability while pursuing a career in Golf
Maintaining their physical and mental balance through Yoga and nutrition based educational classes


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