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Junior World Champion Shubham Jaglan (IND) felicitated

Posted by Admin 15 Sep 2016

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September 15th 2016, New Delhi, India: Twelve-year-old amateur golfer Shubham Jaglan was felicitated by the Delhi Golf Club (DGC) on Wednesday 14th September 2016, for his extraordinary feat of winning the US Kids Golf World Championship 2016.

The child prodigy, who is on a winning streak, was awarded at the felicitation ceremony held in the national capital.

"I would like to thank the Delhi Golf Club for the best facilities they have provided, The Golf Foundation for helping me and supporting through thick and thin, my coach for standing beside me all the time and also my mother and father," Shubham said.

The golfer, who started playing the sport at the age of six, has won 95 titles of 118 tournaments participated in his age group and is vying to achieve more in the coming years.

“He eats, breathes, drinks golf. Shubham is so knowledgeable and eager to learn every day. I think this is what makes him special and stand out in the crowd," Shubham's coach Nonita Lall Qureshi said.

The Haryana golfer, who won the World Junior Championship last year and went on to win US Kids Gold World Championships this year, has been getting offers for a biopic to be made on him but his well-wishers and parents want him to remain grounded and focus on his game.

“I said no to the offers we got from some of the film directors. We want him to be grounded and achieve what other golfers strive for," said Amit Luthra, founder of The Golf Foundation.

When asked about his future goals and realistic targets, he said, "I don’t think too much about the future, I just have small goals and want to go step by step. We are taking baby steps and there are no targets as such. I just look forward to playing well in the upcoming tournaments."

Generally, players have idols they look up to, but Shubham is different. "I don’t have any idol or a hero but yes I like - Tiger Woods, Gary Player, Anirban Lahiri for what they have achieved in life but at the same time I focus on myself as an inspiration and zero down on areas where I can improve and make myself an inspiration,” the junior golf champion signed off.

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