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Did former US President Barack Obama beat 3-time major champion Jordan Spieth in Golf?

Posted by Admin 02 Nov 2017

Golf, they say, can be indeed unpredictable, even for those at the highest level of capability. When three-time major champion Jordan Spieth came up with this unbelievable revelation, it sent Golf lovers into a frenzy.


In a TV chat show, Jordan Spieth revealed that he lost a round to former President Barack Obama last week.  Spieth, who is the No. 2 golf player in the world, said that Obama beat him in a two-on-two match that came down to the last hole.


Barack Obama shares a candid moment with Jordan Spieth


                                                 Barack Obama shares a candid moment with Jordan Spieth


“The President had a 10-foot double-breaking putt — this is my home course and I’ve never seen anybody make the putt,” he said. “And a small crowd had gathered like you’d expect. He kind of said, ‘When there’s a crowd on the last hole, I never miss.’ He steps up and knocks in … perfect speed, right in the middle of the hole.”


“My pride’s been hurt,” he added.


Spieth joined Obama, NBA star Steph Curry and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank last weekend for a round of golf in Dallas, where the former commander in chief was attending a benefit concert for hurricane victims. Both Curry and Spieth are Under Armour-sponsored athletes.



Barack Obama has impressed many with his Golfing skills


                                                   Barack Obama has impressed many with his Golfing skills



Spieth added that Obama made a joke when Spieth asked him what parts of the presidency most surprised him.


“He goes through this whole, serious spiel and then right before he goes up to hit his putt, he goes, ‘And you won’t believe what the aliens look like,’” Spieth said.   

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