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EXCLUSIVE: If not Golf, Shubhankar might have landed in IIT, says father Mohan Sharma

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Posted by Admin 08 Mar 2018

In a short exclusive interaction with, Shubhankar Sharma's proud father Mohan Lal Sharma shares his happiness. The phenomenal rise of Shubhankar Sharma in the global Golf arena has sent the world into a frenzy, and his father is no exception. 


By Priyanka Sen Sarkar



Golf circuit’s latest sensation Shubhankar Sharma’s father Mohan Lal Sharma, a former colonel in the Indian Army, has been the discreet motivator, who always stayed behind the scenes. The phenomenal rise of Shubhankar Sharma in the global Golf arena has sent the world into a frenzy, and his father is no exception.


Shubhankar Sharma with father Mohan Sharma


                                                    Shubhankar Sharma with proud father Mohan Sharma



Shubhankar Sharma, who leads the European Tour’s Race to Dubai rankings, has yet another ace up his sleeves.  In an unusual phenomenon, he has been invited by the Masters Committee to compete in the 2018 Masters. This will be Sharma’s first major championship. Golf in India is growing and how!


When caught up with the proud father for a quick telephonic chat, it was hard to miss the happiness in his voice.


“I knew Shubhankar would ride the crest of success but honestly, I didn’t expect that it would happen so soon. It is a great achievement for all his hard work and the momentum needs to keep going,” enthuses the proud father.



Shubhankar- the topper! 



Shubhankar Sharma Golf



Not many know but Shubhankar, who has been weaving magic with his Golfing skills, has always been one of the toppers in his class.


Sharing the interesting revelation, Mr Mohan Lal Sharma, shares, “Shubhankar has always been one of the toppers in his class and has won a few scholarships. So, when we went to tell his teacher that he has to focus on Golf right now, she was disappointed. She said that Shubhankar has a bright chance of making into the IIT and we should not ask him to lose his focus on his studies.”


Now, that’s indeed an interesting revelation from the proud father.



On keeping things simple!



Quiz Mr Sharma on what drives his son forward and he is quick to say, “Shubhankar is a very simple, grounded and uncomplicated guy but resolute in his goals. He has a great clarity on what he needs to achieve in life and that’s what probably makes him tick. We are extremely happy with his accomplishments and he has a lot to achieve.” 



To carve a niche for yourself at such a young age is certainly not a cakewalk, but Shubhankar has proved that he can take Indian Golf to a new high. Shubhankar has the discipline, the doggedness, the splendour and, above all, the talent to go much higher in the rankings and, in so doing, inspire a whole new generation to take up Golf as a career.




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