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Pro Tour News, Scores & Pictures on Web & Mobile
Maintain Golf Statistics & Handicap(As per USGA Formula)
Book Preferred Slots( At Select Golf Courses)
Access Community
PalmGolf - Mobile App
Exclusive Golfing Holiday Packages
Certified Golf Handicap
Discounts on Pro-Shop
Golf Telephone Concierge Services
Prizes on Golf Quiz Challenge
Hole-In-One Certification & Rewards
Discounts on Green Fees (Upto 50%*)
Discounts on Golfing Holiday Packages
Invitation to Corporate Golf Events
Exclusive Promotions/ Offers/ Loyalty Gifts
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Get 4moles Platinum Membership for lifetime enrollment fee of just INR. 20,000 and get full access to the services on the website and other benefits like :
  • image Get certified
    Golf Handicap
  • imageGet upto 50% dicount
    on Tee Time booking
  • imageBuy & Sell golf products
    at competitive price
  • imageWin Golf Quiz Challenge and
    get cash prize upto INR. 3000

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BMW International Open 22 Jun 17 - 25 Jun 17 Euro 2,000,000

The Open Championship 20 Jul 17 - 23 Jul 17 $8,450,000

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    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Mumbai Leg

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Delhi Leg

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Kolkata Leg

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Chennai Leg

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Bangalore Leg

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    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Finals

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Hyderabad Leg

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Ahmedabad Leg

  • #

    The Delhi NCR Cup 2015

  • #

    BT Pro-Am of Champions 2015


Which of these factors do you consider when buying golf balls?

Answer the Quiz & Get a Chance to win INR. 3000!

Several people are searching for Randy's ball in long grass when a spectator says that he has trodden on a ball by mistake pressing it into the ground. Having identified it as his ball Randy is unsure how to proceed. What is the ruling? 

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