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Anil Seolekar

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Anil Seolekar Pune, India

Oxford Group

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About Me

About me:  From Football to Cricket to Golf, have been a sportsman all my life. The ball gets smaller as we grow older. In a nutshell, I am blunt, friendly and always positive! 

What inspired me to take Golf:  It was my wife who inspired me to play Golf. I would rather say she picked up the game and eventually forced me to join her and evaluate my passion and aptitude for the game. I just loved it and immediately took it up. 

Dream Golf moment :  The longest drive story.  Every time I think about it, the moment gives me a high. Always a dream moment.

Interesting snippets:  Gambling and fighting for the smallest amount. It's a war zone.

One thing I would like to change about Golf : Ah nothing ever! It's a sport with character and style - love itthe way it is. 

My favourite golf superstition: Prior to a morning game if I dream like a pro, the day is sure to become a disaster. :)

My dream 4-ball:  Richard Branson, Donald Trump  & Warren Buffet and myself ! Imagine what a learning. ( if they all would play Golf) 

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  • Date Of Birth: August 10, 1960

  • Playing Since:

  • Language Known: English


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  • CompanyOxford Group | Pune,India
  • DesignationChairman

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