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Trishul Chinnappa

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Trishul Chinnappa , India

Professional Golfer

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About Me

About me: Living my dream as a professional golfer and chasing another!  I grew up in my hometown Coorg inspired by sport and a love for nature. Grateful to be able to get the best of both as I play golf professionally right now. 


How did I take up Golf: I got to know about golf when I was 3. My father introduced me to the game. At that age it pure fascination and excitement to be able to play the same game my father did. So I would enjoy accompanying him to the course and was completely disheartened when he didn’t take me along. That’s where the love for the game sparked.


Dream 4-ball: I’d love to play alongside Anirban, Gary Player and Adam Scott in the same 4 ball.

The rise of Golf in India:  The game of golf is certainly on the rise in India. The quality of professional golfers domestically is the best it’s ever been. Indian’s winning on international tours always inspires young talent back home.  The rise in numbers and steady performances by our lady professionals has given so many young girls hope to chase their dreams as professional golfers. The number of golf courses, public driving ranges, corporate events all adds up to the rise and awareness of the game.



On boosting junior Golf in India: Access to the game. Not every child who holds a club will play the game or go on to be a champion. But the key is to give them all chance just like any other skill/sport.

It’s nice to see a few schools in India already incorporating golf as part of their curriculum. Schools in areas of lower economic backgrounds should be supported to give their students access to golf because I believe a majority of talent and ability lies out there.


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  • Date Of Birth: October 16, 1993

  • Playing Since: November, 2000

  • Language Known: Kodava Kannada English


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