There’s nothing more fulfilling than teeing off to your heart’s content – anywhere and anytime! But the game of Golf can sometimes put you in a tight spot. It’ true: There’s nothing more distressing to a Golfer than a high handicap. Yes, it’s quite normal to have a high handicap if you’re a beginner.


Tiger Woods golf tips on how to lower your handicap


But if you have been playing Golf since a long time, it becomes quite awkward to reveal your scores to your peers. The good part is you can cut your handicap by adhering to the following tips below:


Play and challenge your previous performance

You know yourself and the performance you have been putting up for the while you have been playing golf. Playing against yourself allows you to work on being better than the last time you were on the golf course. Every day that you hit the golf course, purpose to improve your accuracy and the distance attained with each club. If you constantly challenge your previous performance, you might just cut you handicap in half in less than 30 days.


Focus on warm ups!


Golf warm up to lower your handicap

If you have not been keen on pre-round preparations, it is time to start focusing on them for a while if you want to improve your handicap. This includes warm up. Every time you get to the course, take some twenty to thirty minutes doing some warm ups. Stretch and do practice your swing just to get your body ready for action. This also sets your mind right for the game. Develop a pre-shot routine too.


Get out of your comfort zone

The secret for cutting your handicap is getting out of your comfort zone. Consider playing against players who you know are well above your level. This gives you the challenge to play even better by forcing you to keep up with the pressure. It also gives you a chance to study the game of low handicappers.


Ensure your clubs are of high quality


Ensure your clubs are right to lower your handicap

Sometimes it is not your fault that you have a very high handicap. If your clubs are of poor quality, then you will end up hitting poor shots no matter the techniques you use. If your clubs are worn out, consider investing in new ones as that will help in lowering your handicap. You should also consider getting clubs that are fit for your swing and your body. That amounts to a significant difference in your performance.


Start taking fitness seriously

Off-course fitness training too has a great impact on your handicap. The 30-minute stretching and warm up before you hit the golf course is not nearly enough. You need to work on your fitness daily. This will help improve your body muscles and improve your flexibility. You will end up taking better shots and be able to achieve more distance with your shots.


Focus on accuracy over distance


Focus on accuracy to lower your handicap

Cutting your handicap requires that you be accurate. It is easier to achieve shot accuracy when the target distance is short as compared to when it is long. As such, practice from the range first. Start working on your accuracy slowly over short distances and increase the distance progressively as you get better. Within a couple of weeks, you will be able to hit better shots than you did before.


Find your most athletic stance

The stance is one of the key ingredients to a proper swing. The most effective stance position should be able to guarantee you mobility and flexibility while maximizing your swing stability and swing power. Your stance should occur to you naturally and that is what you need to be working on. If you can achieve a natural and athletic stance, you will definitely hit better shots.


Play on tough golf courses and in less ideal conditions


tough golf courses Nikanti to lower your handicap


Again, get out of your comfort zone. It is advisable to practice on the toughest of courses. If you manage to reduce your handicap on the toughest of courses, then you can only shine when you get to an easier one. Also, don’t be afraid of bad weather. If you can be comfortable when the weather is poor, playing in clear weather will be easier.


Record your stats

Know how you got your score and have proof of the same. You cannot improve your score if you do not know what your score is in the first place. You can keep notes on your activities on the golf course. Better yet, these days keeping and analysis of golf scores has been made easier with the various mobile applications available. Consider getting one to help you closely monitor your scores as you practice.


Play on different courses

Having a taste and feel of the different golf courses will help improve your game. If you only get used to a particular golf course, it will become quite difficult for you when you have to play on another golf course since you will have a difficult time trying to adjust. Being too comfortable is the disease affecting most people’s handicaps.