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DEBATE: Should Golf Clubs in India provide free membership to junior Golfers?

Posted by Admin 09 Jan 2019

At a time when the Golf professional landscape in India looks young and upbeat, attracting more youngsters to the game needs to feature high on the agenda. With the debate gaining traction day by day, we find out from our LIVE community on whether it’s time Golf clubs in India should offer free membership to junior Golfers in order to boost the game.



junior golfers free membership



And our results of the poll that we posted on the community had some really interesting figures. While whopping 78.57% respondents replied in the affirmative, only 21.43% said the membership shouldn't be free.



junior golfers poll




Yes, free membership is a great idea but not for all



junior golfers free membership



Golf prodigy Shubham Jaglan said that he kind of stands in between both the opinions. Says he, “I surely think free membership should be given to junior golfers in India, but not to all. It should be rather kept as a prize for the top juniors that perform well. But I’m a firm believer that junior golf should be promoted and juniors should be helped in all golf courses. I’ve seen that older members are chosen over juniors in golf clubs in India whereas it’s the opposite in golf dominating countries like the USA.”  Now that’s an interesting point.



On striking the right balance



junior golfers



Professional Golfer Veer Ahlawat believes that free membership sure seems an obvious way to boost the new generation of golfers. “However the club can offer and strike the right balance for junior membership where things are much more affordable than the present scenario and attractive membership with competitions, lessons etc. is a great way to do so! But clubs need a level of commitment from kids and parents, too. I feel that this scheme on a whole works out effectively,” quips he.



Help grow different aspects of the game



junior golfer



While professional Golfer Aman Raj says that it would be a great move, Pro Golfer Amandeep Drall that it would help grow different aspects of the game. “More kids will be introduced to the game and there will a large pool of talent and later on they can be groomed into becoming professionals. Also, it’ll help grow different aspects of the game as more people will be introduced and all can contribute,” says Amandeep.



Parents woes cannot be ruled out



A lot of parents truly have a hard time paying for their kids' expenses. Here’s what parents of talented junior Golfers have to say.


Sharath Urs, father of 15-year-old Golf prodigy Pranavi, shares, “Yes, Junior Golfers should be given student membership in all the golf clubs as long as they are playing and performing. That will give a boost to junior golfers and also the clubs should not be charging green fees for juniors.”



Father of yet another junior Golfer Kartik Singh says, “That would be a great move. Currently, the costs are exorbitant and parents of talented Golfers often find it difficult to manage the expenses. Parents find it challenging to manage tournaments, travelling and coaching.”


Watch this space for more interesting stories!

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    Aagosh 5 months

    Golf course memberships in our country are quite exclusive and / or expensive thus keeping the sport still quite exclusive. Deserving Junior Golfers should definitely be given complementary access to courses and facilities. Maybe even some sponsorship depending upon their performance. This will enhance the quality of the golfers and making of future champions. The membership should be a reward of a special achievement like coming in the top 10 in the IGU held cups or winning a tournament of international repute.

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