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Golf fervour reaches crescendo as Qutab Golf Course launches the front nine holes

Posted by Admin 11 Oct 2018

There’s no denying the incredible pull of the game of Golf. And what happens when you get to tee off at the pristine and newly revamped Qutab Golf course that’s nestled in the green environs of Lado Sarai? It’s purely enchanting! Golf frenzy reached a crescendo as Golf aficionados of the city trooped in at the Qutab Golf Course which saw the opening of the front nine holes recently.



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Qutab Golf course Delhi launches nine holes



                                   Avid Golfers enjoyed teeing off at the pristine Qutab Golf Course 




The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has made several infrastructural changes to the Golf course, which is India’s first public Golf course.



The event saw the collaboration of the movers and shakers of the city, corporate executives and bureaucrats who ensured to soak delight in the newly developed nine holes.




Qutab Golf course delhi



                                   The fresh and lush green turf at the Qutab Golf Course is a Golfer's delight




We caught up with Air Cmde NPS Dalmi (Retd), Secretary of Qutab Golf Course and he enthused, “The much-awaited, newly revamped Golf course is all set to enthral the incredible Golfers of the Qutab Golf Course with its lush and fresh turf. Also, a new clubhouse is underway for completion and should be open to members in a few months’ time." 



Air Cmde NPS Dalmi (Retd), Secretary of Qutab Golf Course at the do



                          Air Cmde NPS Dalmi (Retd), Secretary of Qutab Golf Course at the do




The newly developed front nine holes of the Qutab Golf course was a hit among the Golf buffs who descended from varied corners of the city to get an exceptional Golfing experience. DP Tripathi, Former Secretary to Government of India, who was enjoying Golf with other Golf enthusiasts Brig V Kumar, Rajat Bansal and KK Sabharwal, was all praise for the revamped Golf course.




Brig V Kumar, DP Tripathi, Rajat Bansal and KK Sabharwal



                                     Brig V Kumar, DP Tripathi, Rajat Bansal and KK Sabharwal at the Qutab Golf Course 




 “It’s indeed an enriching and a lovely experience to play at these nine holes. Each hole offers a unique Golf experience and it’s fun exploring each one of them. Moreover, in an age of the Internet, golf and golf courses like the Qutab Golf course helps you maintain that personal contact.”



The event was high on the power quotient as we saw honourable Lt. Governor of Delhi Anil Baijal making his presence felt at the do.



Golf lovers Gurnam Arora, Subodh Varma, Pradeep Jain (Chairman of Silverglades) and MK Trishal were seen enjoying playing at the golf course. When we caught up with them, they enthused, “Qutab Golf course has indeed undergone a major facelift and we are happy about it. Initially, the not-so-good quality of the turf on the greens, tees and fairways impacted the game but now it’s a whole new experience altogether. The addition of the water bodies comes as a refreshing change The course has become quite interesting and we look forward to playing many more rounds at the lovely Qutab Golf course,” shared the Golf lovers.



Pradeep Jain, Gurnam Arora, MK Trishal and Subodh Varma at the Qutab Golf Course Delhi



                       Pradeep Jain, Gurnam Arora, MK Trishal and Subodh Varma at the Qutab Golf Course Delhi



Designed and developed by the Delhi Development Authority, the lush green Qutab Golf Course has made its way into every Golfer's heart. Now with the fresh green turf and stunning views, the Golf course has taken the golfing experience even a notch higher. 



Qutab Golf Course Delhi, lado Sarai




The event also saw ardent women Golfers enjoying friendly competition and passion for the game while bonding over the beautiful golf course. 




Women Golfers 4moles umbrella



                                          Avid women Golfers keeping the sun at bay with 4moles Golf Umbrella 



A lovely music session added that extra punch to the event with guests matching their steps to the groovy tune. The sumptuous spread tickled the taste buds of the gastronomes present there.


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