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Indian Golfers Look Forward to Playing Well at the SMBC Singapore Open

Posted by Admin 21 Jan 2022

Written by: Khushi Gupta


We are here with yet another tournament, the SMBC Singapore Open. This one, in particular, gets excitement and some vigor into its watchers as the players compete yet again with each other to top the game of golf with their names and emerge as the winners. As nerve-wracking it is to see those long shots played by the Golfers, it can never fail to catch our attention or get out a sigh of relief or a gasp of amazement.


The Indians in the golf course seemed to have managed to play well in yesterday’s tournament as Shiv Kapur who hit a birdie on holes 2, 4, 10, and Viraj Madappa who again hit some swift birdies on holes 2, 7, 15, 18 make a mark on yesterday’s match from the sides of the Indians. Apart from them, Chikkarangappa, Abhijit Chadha and Rashid Khan were also the ones to finish all the 18 holes of the tournament while the others were not as lucky. It was due to the rain that the game was then broken off in the middle to be continued the next day on Friday for the players who were still left to play the remaining of the holes.


SMBC Singapore Open (Credits - Asian Tour) 


Chawrasia who could not perform at the Singapore International the previous week due to the coronavirus spread returned for the tournament of this week and hopes to slowly pick up his game from where he left it. Coming back to play the tournament, he hit birdies in hole 6 in yesterday’s match. Being a six-time winner of the Asian Tour, he hopes to continue to bathe in the glory and take forward and expand this legacy. “I am fine now and looking forward to getting some action on the Asian Tour, which will now have a strong schedule this year.”


Following this, the day two of the tournament also went somewhat well for the Indian Golfers as Ahlawat Veer who hit a birdie in rounds 5, 7, 8, and 18 in the first round, continued to play well in the second round as he, with his miraculous game managed a tie for the 5th place in the second round with birdies in holes 4, 7, 14, 17 and 18. He was closely followed by Shiv Kapur and Madappa Viraj who were both tied for the 17th place in the second round.  


Two Indians, Jeev Mikha Sing, and Jyoti Randhava had won the title of the tournament in the past and now they are approaching the seniors for the category of 50 years and over. Shiv Kapur, SSP Chawrasia, Rashid Khan, Viraj Madappa, Khaliin Joshi, S Chikkarangappa, Aman Raj, Karandeep Kochhar, Abhijit Chadha and Veer Ahlawat are the other Indian players playing the course too. Though all were not able to play their level best in the match that’s past owing to the weather conditions, they will be looking forward to playing a much better game in the future rounds to be played in the same tournament.


Shiv Kapur playing golf


Along with all the benefits the tournament provides to the Champions, one is also the offering of the spot of the 150th open at the St. Andrews this very year and the only players till now who is going from among the ones playing in the SMBC Open is Paul Casey, the marquee player of the week.


Kapur who had played the course before as an amateur and as a pro player says, “Singapore has always been a favorite spot for me… the Serapong is a tough course and I love it cause it makes you think.” The competition being tough for all, they still put forth their best game and wish to overtake the world of golf with their legendary play.


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