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DEBATE: Should Golf Courses Now Go the ‘Synthetic’ Way?

Posted by Admin 24 Jan 2019

A picturesque landscape and a seemingly boundless expanse of manicured grasses set against endless blue skies, Australia’s Reef Palm Golf course is a Golfer’s delight. Not many know the lush greenery has an interesting and an exceptional feature - They are 100 per cent synthetic which means the Golf course is made up of artificial turf.



Golf courses synthetic turf



At a time when the Golf course landscape needs to be sustainable in the long run, synthetic golf courses are touted to cut down maintenance costs and effectively manage water consumption.




And our fabulous active 4moles LIVE Community ensured to chip in and share their invaluable views.



Golf poll



While 45.46% felt a golf course with a synthetic turf would do wonders, 54.55% members felt that the game would lose its appeal if we go the artificial way!



‘It’s a great idea’, says Golfer Rayhan Thomas



Golf courses synthetic turf



There would be a time when Golf courses owners and developers would come across constant pressure to cutting down environmental effect and maintaining 100-plus acres of natural lawn and its escalating costs. Sensational Amateur Golfer Rayhan Thomas shares, “My answer is in the affirmative. Moving towards a sustainable solution is the order of the day as Golf courses take up a lot of water. Moreover, having artificial turf would allow everybody to have access to the game. It will help people in towns, busy cities to play.” 



Loss of interest and charm



synthetic turf golf courses



Though more courses should consider the real benefits of going synthetic, but it would not be easy to replace the emotional value that a natural course brings. Shares Pro Golfer Aman Raj, “Given the situation of the water table in this world, it’s good to go the artificial way.  But it should only be for practice or a few amateur tournaments. Professional tournaments won't be the same on artificial the turf, it might make players less interested in the game too.”


Echoing similar sentiments, pro Golfer Vani Kapoor says, “I think the game will lose its charm. It won’t be fun and dramatic if we play in artificial turf.”



Golf won’t be the same with artificial turfs



Artificial turf Golf



Most Golfers feel that synthetic surfaces cannot provide an aesthetic experience that natural courses provide.



Golfer Yuvraj Singh Sandhu opines, “I really don't think so that the artificial turf should be used, as Golf is a game that connects you to nature, but if you make it artificial then what's the point, plus the feel of the game will not be the same and we all won't be able to see the artistic short game of some great players in the coming years.”



Agrees Golfer Arjun Prasad and says, “I believe the game will definitely not be the same if we change it into artificial turf. It will lose its connection with nature which is one of the most important factors of Golf.”



Golfer Shaebeg Singh Kooner, shares, “Artificial turf would make the game so easy. Also, natural conditions make this game what it is. The true skill of the golfer will be tested from natural conditions and not artificial turfs.”



True, synthetic Golf courses may never fully provide what natural courses give. But as concerns related to maintenance costs and environmental impact rise, more golf courses need to consider taking the synthetic route.


What do you think? Watch this space for more interesting updates.






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