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THE BIG HOT DEBATE: Is it time to do away with Golf’s dress code to pull in more youngsters?

Posted by Admin 31 Aug 2018

With the debate gathering momentum day by day, we find out from our LIVE community on whether it’s time we need to do away with the ‘formal’ Golf attire or rather have a relaxed dress code. 



Dress codes in sports have always been fraught with controversy and Golf is no different. Recently, a recreational golfer has revealed how he was 'refused' to play at Letchworth Golf Club in Hertfordshire because he was wearing black socks. Another survey by ‘Today's Golfer’ revealed that 71% of golfers believe that Golf’s dress codes do deter people from taking up the game.



Dress code



With the debate gathering momentum day by day, we find out from our LIVE community on whether it’s time we need to do away with the ‘formal’ Golf attire or rather have a relaxed dress code.



And our results of the poll that we posted on the community had some really attention-grabbing figures.




Poll dress code



While a whopping of 40.91% replied in the affirmative and said a relaxed dress code can pull in more youngsters into the game, 59.09% voted for a big ‘No’ and said it might lead to deterioration in etiquette in Golf tradition.



What’s the harm in a relaxed dress code?



Dress code golf



Many feel that how to dress is a ‘not-so-logical’ concept in a game that is meant for delight. Golfers need to feel contented and not stifled and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at the Golf course. Golf clubs need to wake up and realise that the long-term future of the game is more important than the dress code.



Ankur S, an avid reader, shares in our forum, “A relaxed atmosphere attracts new and younger people. It should be definitely relaxed, but we still need certain standards to maintain. For a generation that has been brought up with instant gratification, a stricter dress code can be a spoiler.”



Varied surveys have persistently found that unreceptive rules such as dress codes have acted as blockades to entry into the game, but some golf clubs have been unwilling to change because it was thought that their existing members were happy with their prevailing norms.


Echoing similar sentiments, Golf prodigy Shubham Jaglan, reveals, “Yes, a relaxed dress code can definitely appeal to you a younger generation of Golf enthusiasts. Allow t-shirts to be kept out and allow track pants for more comfort.”


Some new-age Golf enthusiasts feel that the golf industry is not appealing to enough new people because it refuses to embrace change and we are losing ground to other sports as a result.



No, this might lead to the decline in Golf etiquette tradition



Dress code golf



Many Golf pundits feel that relaxing the dress code will somehow lead to a decline in class etiquette and honesty.


Professional Golfer Vani Kapoor shares, “I think no! As the dress code is which makes the game stand differently. It gives a very professional and elegant look.”


Sharing similar views, another pro-Golfer Karandeep Singh Kochhar, quips, “I don’t think we need to change the dress code of the game. It’s a gentleman’s game, so we ought to look like that. It shows the class of the game, so I really don’t think we need to change the dress code.”



Dress code instils discipline!


Several Golf supporters describe the Golf dress code as a way to instill discipline and preserve the legacy of the game.


Ardent Golfer Subhomoy Ganguly reveals, “My opinion is a NO. Every game must have a discipline and that can emerge from certain codes. The dress being one of them. There is no embargo on a relaxed attire in terms of fitting. Relaxation in terms of shabby turnout should not be acceptable.”


Professional Golfer Amandeep Drall shares, “Golf is a gentleman’s game and I’m a firm believer in traditions as long as they don’t harm anyone, therefore, a golfer’s attire is most important to the player and is unique and classy at the same time.”



Avid Golfer John Thomas, who is also the father of talented Golfer Rayhan Thomas, shares on a lighter note, “Stick to the dress code. Should not allow even the collarless stuff that Rory and Tiger sometimes wear.” 


Watch this space for more interesting stories!



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