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Akshay Kilachand

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Akshay Kilachand Mumbai, India

Golf Captain, Willingdon Sports Club

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About Me

How did I take up Golf:   I always have been passionate about this game. My penchant for the game comes from my genes. My grandfather was an avid Golfer and he introduced me to the gain game when I was just 7 years old. I remember I used to play with a few clubs given to me by the club professional and I thoroughly enjoyed the game. And I am happy that the fervor for Golf has always remained intact. 

Dream Golf moment:  It was winning the Turkish Airlines Open and then going on to play the Pro Am in Turkey. I played with England's professional Golfer Danny Willett who went on to win the Masters Tournament 2 years later.

My Dream 4 Ball: This is an interesting one!  I would go for Jack Nicklaus, Jordan Spieth and Phil Mickelson. 

One thing I would like to change about Golf:  would like to be able to make Golf more accessible to kids in India as currently it's quite difficult to play Golf as most of the courses are based on membership only .

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  • Date Of Birth: May 23, 1971

  • Playing Since: October, 1978

  • Language Known: English


Professional Details

  • CompanyGolf Captain, Willingdon Sports Club | Mumbai,India
  • Designation

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Macao Open 19 Oct 17 - 22 Oct 17 US$500,000

World Golf Championships- HSBC Champions 26 Oct 17 - 29 Oct 17 $9,750,000

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    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Kolkata Leg

  • #

    Omega European Masters

  • #

    2017 PGA Championship

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Finals

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Delhi Leg

  • #

    4moles Golf Rendezvous Thailand 2017

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Chennai Leg

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Bangalore Leg

  • #

    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Mumbai Leg

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    Lloyd BT Pro-AM 2016 - Hyderabad Leg


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