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Madhur Daga

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Madhur Daga Delhi, India

Orient Bell Ltd

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About Me

About me:  I love the simple pleasures of life with family & friends, & enjoy living in the moment. Over the past 2 years, spiritual & physical fitness through Vipassana Meditation & the gym respectively has become increasingly important in my daily life.



What inspired me to take Golf:  While living as an entrepreneur in Kuala Lumpur 18 years ago, I would pass by a golf course every day during the drive home from work. So, one day, I decided to buy Ben Hogan’s ‘Five Fundamentals Of Golf’ & starting bashing 500 golf balls every evening at the practice range. One good shot out of every 20 probably inspired me to carry on, as is the case with most golfers starting out.





Dream golf moment: I have 2. My first & only Hole-in-one playing with dear friends in the same 4-ball. Next, the moment I found out from the course starter that I would be able to tee off at the Old Course (S’t Andrews) after spending the entire night waiting in the cold outside the starter’s hut.



Interesting snippets: Golf mirrors life in infinite ways. As I have found myself more calm, balanced & peaceful due to daily Vipassana meditation, my golf game & more importantly attitude on the golf course has improved significantly. The ability to ‘reset’ after a poorly played hole is so much greater when one is able to live in the moment, rather than worrying about the past or anxious about the future.


One thing I would like to change about Golf: The new USGA / R&A endorsed rules which come into effect in early 2019 give the recreational golfer an option to hit from the approx location of a lost or out of bounds ball after adding a 2 stroke penalty, This means one doesn’t have to walk back to the tee & hit their 3rd shot in case a provisional wasn’t hit earlier.  I think this is a wonderful & practical change which will help the pace of play.





 My dream 4-ball: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gisele Bundchen & Gautam Buddha.




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  • Date Of Birth: September 06, 1972

  • Playing Since: March, 2000

  • Language Known: English


Professional Details

  • CompanyOrient Bell Ltd | Delhi,India
  • DesignationManaging Director

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