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Rayhan Thomas

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Rayhan Thomas Dubai, India

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About Me

About me : A golfer who is all set to represent India at the Asian Games! I am originally from Kerala but born and brought up in Dubai. My parents moved to Dubai about 24 years ago. I started playing when I was 8. My dad took me to a Golf store once when he used to play. There was a driving range at the back of the golf store. I hit a couple of shots and enjoyed a lot. I kept on going and now I am representing India at the Asian Games. It’s been a good ride.

On making Golf popular and accessible in India:  It needs to be cheaper as it’s an expensive sport. The more it gets cheaper, it becomes more accessible to people who have a passion for playing Golf. I also feel that Golf should be a fast sport now. IPL-style Golf tournaments need to be the order of the day. What’s encouraging is that Golf associations like European Tour have started to take a lead. Last year, the European Tour added a new six-hole team event ‘GOLFSIXES’ to the schedule as part of its aggressive move to introduce innovative formats and broaden the appeal of the sport.


On the growth of Junior Golf in India: Junior Golf in India is definitely growing and we have produced some of the greatest Golfers in the last 5 years. Ajeetesh, Shubhankar and these guys have recently made their presence felt on the international Golf terrain. And juniors like Aadil, Kshitij, me and more coming through and joining the bandwagon are a testament that Golf in India is on the rise. If we continue to move in this accelerated growth path, we will see an Indian major winner soon.  



My dream Golf moment: Not yet arrived but it would be winning the British Open. I like the fact that you have to be a complete player. 

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  • Date Of Birth: November 14, 1999

  • Playing Since: May, 2007

  • Language Known: English


  • Played a 10-under 61 after firing nine birdies in a row to equal the world record. I achieved it during the second round of the Dubai Creek Open.2017

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