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DEBATE: Do you agree with LPGA Tour Mel Reid’s statement that gender inequality in Golf is increasing?

Posted by Admin 28 Feb 2019

Women continue to push the barriers in sports and Golf is no different. They have increasingly displayed they can be as potent, agile and resilient as men in the most vigorous and testing athletic pursuits. But if LPGA Tour star Mel Reid’s statement is anything to go by, the gender inequality if Golf is only escalating. 



Mel Reid on gender inequality


                                    Mel Reid says gender inequality in Golf is getting worse



She was quoted saying, “If I’m completely honest, I think it’s getting worse.” A six-time winner on the European Tour, Reid has just been fitted for new clubs ahead of the 2019 season. After calling up and asking a manufacturer for the two woods which fit best, the response came with abrupt clarity: “We don’t support women’s golf.” Another company, which Reid asked for a set of irons, claimed it only supports men on the European and Challenge Tour.



Despite the prolific advancement of women Golf, things look dim when it comes to gender inequality.


So the big question is: Do you agree with Mel Reid that inequality between Men and Women's Golf is getting worse?



Poll on gender inequality in Golf



Our LIVE community ensured to chip in and share their invaluable inputs. While 87.5% agreed that there’s definitely a gender inequality, only 12.5% replied in the negative.



Fewer opportunities



vani kapoor golf



                            Vani Kapoor agrees that there's gender inequality in Golf 



Though women have made great strides in Golf, there’s no uncertainty that gender inequality exists in Golf, feels professional Golfer Vani Kapoor. “Yes, I agree with Mel Reid.  As women, we do not have as many tournaments as the men do which gives us quite a fewer opportunities. The difference in the amount of prize money is also quite a lot. But hopefully, I think, things shall get better going forward.”



Reid was also quoted saying that people don’t know about the struggles LPGA players have to undergo just to get Golf equipment. Now, that’s quite unfortunate.



Less coverage of Women Golf



women golf gender inequality



It’s definitely not easy breaking down the gender gap in sports, including Golf. Women Golfer Ananya Datar believes it’s because there are more men playing the sport rather than women.


“And for the women's tournaments, they aren't as big except for the Majors. So many sports channels and media focus more on men Golf. There is less coverage of women's golf which is why it’s not able to inspire young girls to take up the sport. Many girls give an example if I want to become like Tiger Woods but very rarely someone wants to be like Lydia Ko or Lexi Thompson. They should be given the same opportunities as men. Women do have better scores than men at tournaments at times. They can completely take the men head on and be equally good or even better,” she puts firmly.



Agrees Golfer Siddhi Kapoor, “Yes, there is gender inequality in Golf in monetarily terms and sponsorships.”


The personal and social benefits of engaging in any sport should be equal for all. It’s time now that we give a miss to gender inequality and create an equal level playing field for women.


What’s your view on this?



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