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4moles Golf

4moles has announced the launch of 4moles Mobile Golf Application for Android and iOS users. The mobile application is fully integrated with all the golf services at Furthermore the application has the following services -

  • Grow your golf network with people who share similar interests. Tee-off your connections by sharing golf updates, pictures, videos, articles and opinions with your friends. Putt through an easy notification center and share options with multiple golfing groups.
  • ‘4moles Golf’ mobile app is designed to be easily integrated into booking a customized tee time for multiple golf courses. The app performs all the basic conveniences associated with booking a tee-time at your favorite golf course with easy payment options.
  • Create your group, be a member of other golf groups too and catch up with the updates and posts by other golfers. Make four-balls, add your scores and view the real time “Leaderboard" hole-by-hole of your game-day.
  • The app does all the hard work, in calculating the LIVE SCORES along with the handicaps. Fill in your scores directly in the app for yourself along with the scores of your 4-ball and group into a “Centralized Handicapping System”.
    ‘4moles Golf’ mobile app now has a unique feature where you can do LIVE SCORING amongst the group. Create a Group, make four-balls, add your scores and view the real time “Leaderboard" for hole-by-hole.
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