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2097 holes in 24 hours? Golfers set new Guinness World Record

Posted by Admin 02 Aug 2022

It's not every day that Golf enthusiasts get a chance to reinvent themselves and remap the heights that others can scale. Less stoic people would have caved in but here we have a set of four amateur Golfers who have set novel standards of brilliance.



4 amateur golfers set new Guinness World Record


                        Amateur Golfers Cole Hetzel, Chris Hetzel, Tony Centers and Bob Schoettinger who broke records



A quartet of miniature golf enthusiasts broke a Guinness World Record in Kentucky when they putted 2,097 holes in 24 hours.



Cole Hetzel, Chris Hetzel, Tony Centers and Bob Schoettinger began their attempt at 8 am on Sunday at Putt-Putt Golf of Erlanger and finished exactly at 8 am on Monday. The team putted a total 2,097 holes in 24 hours, breaking the record of 1,440 holes set by a German team in 2005.



According to sources, the players said they surpassed the previous record about 10:45 p.m. on Sunday.



The record attempt raised money for disaster relief efforts for victims of recent tornadoes and flooding in Eastern Kentucky.  Such inspirational Golf stories can motivate many to keep their momentum going and shine relentlessly and not to lose hope, even if it’s a bad day at Golf.

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