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Taylormade Vs Titliest

Posted by Abhishek Kapur 15 Jun 2011
I want to buy new irons..i play 6 handicap..and i have a very fast golf swing..I am looking for a regular what should I go in for...will titliest be better or Taylormade's new forged irons( MC, CB and MB)..i have tried the MC irons and they suit me well..I dont know much about the titliest irons..can someone please help suggesting the best irons for me..I am open for Ping and NIke as well..
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    Siddharth Kapur 04 Jul 2011

    From what i read you're comparing between Taylormade TP '11 and Titleist 710. They both come in cb (cavity back) and MB (muscle back). Tayloramde TP '11 to our advantage has also come up with MC (muscle cavity), something they claim to be the best of both the worlds. The 710's are kind of known to perform well where as the TM tp's are yet to make their mark (just the facts - i'm a Taylormade loyalist). But before you go in for which brands, i'd suggest figure out which type you want to go in for. MB (also called a blade, though incorrect - but lets leave that for now) is something that'll give you a good feel and help you command the ball the way you want it to go, CB (they're just CB, no news/additional trivial info to this one) is a more forgiving one, and is now starting to develop a popularity on the Pro circuit or the MC (now don't get your horses running on the punjabi version for this abbreviation). Once you've sorted the kinds you are more inclined towards, visit a pro shop and ask them to lend you their demo clubs, get both the makes - titleist and tm (preferably a 6 iron as Dinesh suggested) and also get them in different shafts, if possible (stiff and regular) - it's very important to find a shaft that suits you best. Which ever makes you comfortable and helps you shoot better, go for it. But please make sure not to have you judgment biased with the one that helps you get a better distance, instead look for the irons that helps you form a better cluster of balls. Hope it helps SIddharth

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    Dinesh Thakur 17 Jun 2011

    Good to see a golfer comparing product features, swing feel and other aspects of golf equipment rather than looking at which one is on a maximum discount. .. :-) I am not certified at this, but which irons are you presently playing with? Graphite or steel shaft? You are 16 years old therefore, steel irons with regular or stiff shaft should work. Also check the length of your present irons with the ones you select. I am not aware of the Titliest Irons too .... I am played with the taylormade forged irons and they feel quiet nice. My recommendation is that you should try the DEMO irons with a No. 6 and hit about 50-60 balls each to finally make up your mind. As you are a handicap of 6, try the custom fitting shop of taylormade in Select cit walk... Happy golfing!

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