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Why do I love Golf more than Cricket?

Posted by Dinesh Thakur 13 May 2010
In this day and age of T20's and IPL's, cricket does not seem the game it used to be. The batsman now seems like wild animal who wants hit every ball (Mostly cross bat) with NO class, balance or style. As a Indian, I feel we are best at individual games... look at Chess, Billiards, Tennis, Shooting, Golf, badminton etc ..... however, Football, Hockey, Cricket .... its just share marketing but NO performance. I do not understand why do we not look into our CORE strengths are work accordingly. Why play team games as a Profession when we do not have the basic nature for it?

The last I ever played cricket was in school (1990). Around the same time, I used to also play golf .... however, the love for golf just grew.. I love this game for a lot of of reasons. This game makes me think, strategise, every shot is different with a different situation. It helps me meet like minded people (Mostly).  It makes my weekdays go well as I look forward to the weekend round. And, it is a game I can take to my grave. Interestly, it is also a game which bridges the gap between the highest and the lowest Economy of scale earners. If you were to look at the PRO tour of India ... fairly high percentage are caddy turned professional. 

The game of Golf is UNDER rated in India due to the perception of ONLY the elite can play. However, things are changing and changing fast. Associations like IGU and PGTI are on their toes. Many Junior tours are run under different brands and golf courses are supporting it too. With 50 new courses coming in India in the next 2 years.... the game of Golf is becoming BIGGER.

Golf is the TOP 5 global sports in the world and it is played or followed globally. Cricket is a Sub-continent game and it not among the TOP 25 either. We now have Golf in the 2016 Olympics ... Cricket ?? may be next century .. :-)
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    Vijay Wadnere 18 May 2010

    Well..for me, in (mostly) other games you "can" win even if you play bad!, but in golf, you have to play nothing but the 'best'. in golf you compete yourself! and that's why I *like* golf! It'll take a little more for me to convert 'like' to 'love'. :)

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    Ashish Kapoor 13 May 2010

    Nice one ! I prefer playing golf/tennis than cricket myself simply because of logistics. I do however have great memory of childhood cricket ( tip & run version ) specially in nukkads of various neigbourhoods we have lived :)

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