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Golfing Ganesha

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Product Description

Buy Golfing Ganesha, a perfect gift of luck that stays forever and at an amazing price.

Material: Acrylic,

Colour: Metallic Golden,

Height: 30 cm.

Stand: Wood

The figure is packed in a beautiful box with golf club inserted separately in the sponge cut-out.


Also Available at:

R3 International, New Delhi

Siri Fort, New Delhi

Proshop, Noida Golf Course

Golfer's paradise, Sector 35A, Chandigarh

Proshop, Karnataka Golf Association, Bangalore

Golf Destination, Sector 42-43 Metro Station, Gurugram

World of Golf & Sports, Pune

Golf Network, Classic Golf & Country Club

Shipping Description

  • Shipping in Delhi / NCR free.
  • Shipping to other parts of India as per actual courier service charges.

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  • image

    Shobhana 31 Oct 2023

    Would love to have Ganeshji playing golf - kindly quote a reasonable offer

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  • image

    Dinesh 22 Aug 2020

    Dear Nitin. Thank you for your appreciation of our love for Load Ganesha and and Golf. We will call you soon to help you with an offer. Cheers.

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  • image

    nitin 22 Aug 2020

    I quite like the Golfing Ganesha. It has nothing to do with your golf but a good show piece. If you are a golfer, look at his feet, compelete golfing stance. Would love to buy but find the price quite high. Looking for a discount !

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  • image

    Shuban Kaul 18 Dec 2017

    I am surprised that a professional site like 4moles will promote such a gift. If I need luck on the course I should go on the driving range and practice hard. What does Ganesha have to do with golf? Nothing but crass commerce in the presentation of this gift. I would recommend for people to be sensible and reassess their value system and know that deities need not such representation.

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  • image

    Dinesh 29 Mar 2017

    I have never seen a golfing Ganesha concept... :-)

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