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Indrajit Bhalotia

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Indrajit Bhalotia Kolkata, India

Protouch Sports Pvt Ltd

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About Me

About me: Armed with a passion for Golf, I became the youngest professional Golfer in the country at the age of 17. I have been playing since then. It’s been 28 years. In 2000, my Wills Southern Open victory margin of 7 shots is one the largest in the history of Indian of Indian Tour Golf.  I am happy that even my son Udayajit has taken up Golf.



What inspired me to take Golf: I played a tournament when I was 9 and interestingly I won. This was my first tournament and initially I thought it was really easy.


Dream Golf moment: When I won all the 5 professional events and each one was special for some reason or the other.


Interesting snippet:  I find it really amusing when people who do not belong to the Golf industry tell me on how to run Golf events or programmes.


If you need a line, then it's….. :  'You are as good as your bad shots and how often you hit them'


One thing I would like to change about Golf:   The game in India is impossible to play as most clubs are private ones and a few of them don't believe in promoting the game. They don't realise that it's so important to promote Golf and they run the risk of losing their 100 odd acres of land to the government.  How can you justify so much land which only a few hundred people will enjoy and not promote an Olympic Sport? The mind set certainly needs to change.


My favourite Golf superstition:  Don't wear yellow when you play your important matches.


My dream 4-ball:  Halle Berry, Monica Bellucci, Gul Panag and me! 

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  • Date Of Birth: March 10, 1972

  • Playing Since:

  • Language Known: English


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  • CompanyProtouch Sports Pvt Ltd | Kolkata,India
  • DesignationOwner

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