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Amardip Malik

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Amardip Malik , India

Professional Golfer

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About Me

About me: As a Professional Golfer, I am very hard-working, disciplined and aspire to be the best. When I am not Golfing, I would like to believe that I am funny, someone you want to be around and who brings that positivity in your life.



My Golf inspiration: My father has been my biggest inspiration and he has played a crucial role in infusing that passion for Golf. He had a solid handicap of 10 and watching him play truly motivated me to take up this sport.



My Golfing achievements: I was an all India Junior Champion, won 3 amateur events and won the Srilankan amateur event. As a pro, I have won twice and secured the second position around 11 times. My most recent win was the ONGC Masters that happened in 2017.



My dream Golf moment: I would like to have a hole-in-one on the stadium hole at TPC Scottsdale with Tiger Woods, Rory and Fred on the tee.



One thing I would like to change about the game: I was always of the opinion that the game should be played faster. And thanks to the new rules that it will be as we wanted from the forthcoming year. I would not like to change anything else in the incredible sport.



On attracting the new generation to Golf: The best way to attract the younger generation is when you make heroes out of the present generation. There wouldn't have been a generation of kids wanting to be Sachin if the sport didn't make him a God. Luckily with Shubhankar and Anirban around, our sport has managed to attract many young kids.



Is Golf slow in embracing things: No, I really don't believe that Golf is slow in embracing new things. There are countless examples on how the sport progresses every year. Moreover, the implementation of the new Rules for Golf clearly suggests that the game of Golf is definitely quicker and more flexible in adapting changes. 

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  • Date Of Birth: May 04, 1985

  • Playing Since: October, 2008

  • Language Known: English


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