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Niyati Dhillon

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Niyati Dhillon , India

Amateur Golfer

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About Me

About me: I am Niyati Dhillon from Haryana . My dad is an army officer and whenever my dad used to go for a posting, we also used to go with him. My dad got a posting in Chandigarh so we lived there for 4 years,I was playing lawn tennis at that time. After that dad got posting in Udhampur where I did horse riding for almost a year and the next year I started playing golf. I was taught by caddies. After that dad got posted to Sikkim and we shifted to Chandigarh where my serious golfing started.

My inspiration: Being from an army background, every station my father was posted at had a golf course. We used to go there for walks and I loved the greenery around. So, one day I told dad that I wanted to play golf and the next day my golf lessons started.


Why I chose Golf: I chose golf because it helps me keep myself calm and focused which helps me in my academics too.

My Golfing achievements: I have participated in many local as well as North zone IGU tournaments and have won quite a few trophies. In future, I plan to play for my country one day.

Funny Golf moment: It was my first tournament and I was on the first tee. When I was teeing off, my tee was very high. When I hit the ball, the club got out from under the ball. It didn't even touch the ball. The tee broke but my ball was still on the same spot but instead of the tee it was on the ground.

What I would change about Golf: I would like to make golf an accessible game for all the stratas of the community. I would also like golf to be recognised by all the people and be given equal importance like all other sports.

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  • Date Of Birth: March 26, 2008

  • Playing Since: May, 2014

  • Language Known: English


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