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4 Biggest Ever Myths Related To Women’s Golf Debunked

Posted by Admin 28 Jul 2022

Breaking from the stranglehold of the imperceptible glass ceiling, women golfers too are playing a pivotal role in fuelling the growth of the sport. If the results of a survey are to be believed, women now account for roughly 45% of all off-course golfers. In 2021, girls made up 35%, or 1.1 million, of junior golfers compared to 15% in 2000.



women golf myths



Despite of the fact that women’s golf is growing on a higher growth trajectory, there are some unrelenting myths associated with them and their game. We've all heard them. Perhaps some of us have voiced them once in a while. It’s time to smash the myths to smithereens once and for all!




MYTH 1: Women are too slow to play through




women golf




Seriously? Did we just say that?   Slow play is caused by golfers playing poorly, irrespective of the gender!


Slow players come in all shapes, sizes and sexes. Once we’re on the first tee, it matters not whether you’re a male or a female, but rather, if you understand universal pace-of-play principles.




MYTH 2: Women Golfers hardly play for any money



women myth golf



Yes agreed, the purses are smaller and there’s a colossal gender pay gap and disparity if Golf and it exists at the elite level of Professional Golf. But that really does not mean that women golfers do not play for the moolah!



LPGA Sponsors are pumping in more prize money and better services for women’s golf.  In 2021, the combined purse across all five LPGA majors was $23.3 million. This year’s total will top $37 million.


And for those at the top of the game, there is a growing number of prize money to be won.



MYTH 3: Women don’t know the rules or etiquette of golf



women golf




Really? That’s what we think? It is believed that men may have to spend time and energy explaining the step-by-step process of when to hit, which club to hit and what to do if they lose their ball. But that’s not always true. Most women golfers are well-aware of the Golf rules and etiquette and they, like men, religiously follow them.



MYTH 4: They hit it short!



LPGA Tour pros are not hitting from the ‘ladies tees’. In fact, most LPGA Tour courses are set up between 6,200 and 6,600 yards—comparable to what most men will play from at their home club.
On top of that? The average golfer on the LPGA Tour averages between 230–270 yards off the tee (and a few who top 280 per pop) which is, even on the shorter end of the distance spectrum, 15 yards longer than the average male amateur according to the USGA distance report.


We’ve listed the biggest golf myths surrounding women’s golf. Do you know any more myth?

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